Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in joining BJSA. How, when, and where do they have registrations?


BJSA conducts two major registrations per year, one for the fall season and one for the spring. Spring registrations are held from January thru March and fall registrations are held in June thru August. There are a couple ways to register. You can obtain a copy of the registration form at the Burlington Town Hall, or you can print a copy off our web site, and mail the registration to our P.O. Box. You can also register online using the links provided on our website.

I missed the registration time period, is it too late?


No, follow the instructions above in obtaining a registration form, and contact the registrar. ( Mail the registration to the BJSA PO Box identified on the top of the form. Late fees may apply.

What information is required for registration?

Basic info such as the child’s parent or guardian names and contact information, along with the child’s birth date, current grade, etc.

I may be interested in volunteering. How can I help?


BJSA has a variety of programs and activities that parents can assist the soccer club with, all of which directly benefit the soccer club and the children of Burlington. Contact a member of the board for more information and to get acquainted. You do not have to be a board member to make a significant contribution to the program. Some of the things we are currently seeking volunteers for are:

  • Organizing group activities (i.e. A trip to a professional soccer game)
  • Subcommittees to support our coaching and player development programs
  • Organizing and assisting travel coaches during the off-season with Indoor Soccer tournaments or camps
  • Attending/Assisting with coaching certification clinics or camps
  • Offer to assist your child’s head coach with organizational activities or practice sessions
  • Code of conduct monitors
  • Get certified to be a referee
  • Board Positions
I wish to recognize my child’s coach for doing something special that made a difference in my child’s life or in the improvement of their team?


The Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) holds an annual Presidents Dinner that recognizes just such people. To nominate a coach for an award, contact the club President. Awards are handed out for both Travel and Recreational soccer programs. The CJSA Presidents Dinner is generally held in the late February timeframe, and nominations are due by the middle of January.

I have a problem with the way my child is being treated by his coach. What can I do?


First, discuss the matter with the head coach. Remember that our coaches are all volunteers and are doing the best they can on any given day. We are all here for the same reason, and that is to provide for the kids. If you do not feel the coach is addressing your concern to your satisfaction, contact the program coordinator and/or the club President listed on the Contacts Page of this web site.

I want something procedurally changed with the way the club operates, or have ideas on how the club can be improved. How do I communicate them?


The BJSA board meets at 7:00 PM (7:30 PM during the season) on the first Monday of every month at the Burlington Town Hall to discuss issues such as this and also to hear from individuals within the club on what we are doing well and what we are doing poorly. Feel free to contact any of the individuals listed on the Board page, or attend the board meeting to participate in an open discussion. Please contact the President with some basic information in advance, if possible, so that the board may make allowances for room on the Agenda.

My child is interested in playing for a travel soccer team? How can they tryout?


Registration for travel soccer teams are held in conjunction with the registration times listed above. Tryouts are held in June for the upcoming Fall enrollment. The travel soccer season includes the Fall and Spring time frames. The rosters for the travel teams are established at the beginning of the fall season, and generally will not change for the entire soccer year, unless roster positions become available during the spring. If positions become available, coaches will conduct an additional tryout for available positions prior to the start of the spring season, based upon interest at the Spring registrations.

How is my child’s “u-age” or league age calculated?


US Soccer will be changing the age groupings beginning with the Fall 2016 season. Click HERE for more details.

Based upon the rules of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA), every child in Connecticut (and at the National level) will age on August 1 of a particular calendar year. To calculate your child’s league age at tryouts for an upcoming fall enrollment, use your child’s age as of August 1 of that calendar year. To calculate your child’s league age for a spring enrollment, use August 1 of the prior calendar year. Just to make it a little more confusing, there are also accommodations that can be made based upon the child’s grade if they are born after September 1, but before December 31. In these instances, children are allowed to “play up” in order to play with their schoolmates, without penalty. Ask the club travel coordinator for specific information pertaining to your child’s team or see our Travel Age Eligibility Chart for additional details.

If my child qualified for a travel team in the Fall, do they have to tryout again?


No, there is not an additional tryout in the spring, unless required to fill available roster positions. Children playing travel soccer in the fall will play on the same travel team in the spring. All children are required to re-tryout for the next Fall enrollment.

What is the club’s refund and/or cancellation policy?


For players that register with BJSA, if we cannot field a team due to registration numbers, those registration fees will be returned as soon as possible.

Regarding inclement weather, soccer is much like the golf course in that it never rains on the field of play. Coaches are responsible for notifying players in the event of inclement weather. For travel teams, never assume that a game is canceled due to rain. Soccer is game that is played in such conditions, assuming that the players’ safety is not at risk and the field condition will not be compromised.

Can my child play both travel soccer and recreation soccer?


Yes, there are no formal policies preventing you from registering your child for both recreation and travel soccer. However, please keep in mind that many of the activities will overlap, thus likely not making this practical.

Where do my registration fees go?


Registration fees are used to pay for the daily operation of the soccer club. Fees are paid to the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association to cover insurance, the Burlington Parks & Recreation Department to cover field maintenance, lines, etc., and also to renew equipment needs. If you have additional questions, please feel free to attend a board meeting, or contact your program coordinator with questions.

My question isn’t here. Who can I ask?


Send your questions to